How Homebuilders and Real Estate Agents Can Provide Virtual Tours During COVID-19

The “Shelter in place” order means real estate agents and homebuilders must find resourceful ways to display their properties and connect with home shoppers. This may feel like a daunting task, but it’s also an opportunity. Just think about it…as an agent or new-home sales consultant, you can now talk to people from anywhere in the world. You never know who might be seeking a home in your neighborhood. If you’re a homebuilder, agent or [...]

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What is PropTech?

In an increasingly connected world where buzzwords are constantly being created, it’s hard to keep up with them all but that’s why we’re here to help! “PropTech” is a term used to describe the intersection of technology and the real estate market. This includes businesses with technologically innovative products and business models that have direct implications with the real estate market. The global phenomenon aims to provide technological solutions to the traditionally slow-changing world of [...]

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How to Work with a Professional Real Estate Photographer

Are you a home builder or agent trying to market and sell a new or resale home? Are you an interior designer or architect hoping to showcase your beautiful work? If so, tune in! We invited our talented friend Natalia Robert to share a few tips about working with a photographer. Standing out in the real estate market these days can be tough, but having stellar professional photos for your listing is one sure-fire way to [...]

Get Noticed! 8 Story Ideas for Interior Designers

We know you can turn a room from empty to inviting, but can you tell a story that will catch the eye of a journalist? If you’re interested in working with members of the media to tell your organization’s story, we’re here to help! Use these topics below as a springboard to share your industry expertise and unique point of view with journalists. The smart approach to a small space story. People can’t get enough [...]

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Public Relations for Architects: 6 Story Ideas to Get You Noticed

We know you’re skilled when it comes to math and design, but do you also enjoy turning a careful phrase? If you’re jonesin’ to put pen to paper and draft not a blueprint but a newsworthy story that will help you connect with potential clients in a new way, here are some thought-joggers to get you going on the journey! The famous architect’s birthday story. Who are the godfathers and godmothers of architecture in your [...]

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