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Get Noticed! 8 Story Ideas for Interior Designers

We know you can turn a room from empty to inviting, but can you tell a story that will catch the eye of a journalist? If you’re interested in working with members of the media to tell your organization’s story, we’re here to help! Use these topics below as a springboard to share your industry expertise and unique point of view with journalists. The smart approach to a small space story. People can’t get enough [...]

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Public Relations for Architects: 6 Story Ideas to Get You Noticed

We know you’re skilled when it comes to math and design, but do you also enjoy turning a careful phrase? If you’re jonesin’ to put pen to paper and draft not a blueprint but a newsworthy story that will help you connect with potential clients in a new way, here are some thought-joggers to get you going on the journey! The famous architect’s birthday story. Who are the godfathers and godmothers of architecture in your [...]

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Get Noticed! 6 Story Ideas for Home Builders

If you’re a home builder, here are six ways to get yourself noticed by reporters who cover real estate. The numbers story. Are you building the most expensive or most affordable apartments in a specific location? Did you have record-breaking sales this quarter? Did you sell out a development in record time? Are you doing something to help buyers shop wise or save money? The trend story. Have you noticed that buyers are constantly asking for [...]

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