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How to Plan a Photoshoot That Embodies Your Brand

Let’s take those headshots to the next level! Showing up and showing your face as a representation of your brand is SO important to telling your brand story. If you're anything like us, you’ve probably drooled over beautiful shots from your favorite brands. Or looked at influencers online and wondered “HOW do they have never-ending content?” Making sure you have photo content that is aligned with your brand is absolutely within reach if you take [...]

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Real Estate Staging Strategies We Love

When selling a home, flowers on the counter or perfect lighting are worth 1,000 words. The way a home is staged gives it personality and helps potential buyers picture themselves creating a life there. Little touches can make the home feel more lived-in and add personality to it. Staging can also help speed along a sale and increase the price the home sells for.  These are a few of the staging strategies we love! Showcase [...]

What’s New on Instagram in 2022?

Instagram is looking to improve experiences in their app by raising their safety standards for young users and introducing new tools in the new year.  Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently announced some of their coming changes via the Instagram blog and his personal account. He says that one of the goals of these new features is to help people have positive feelings about their time spent in the app. Instagram’s PR team also hinted [...]

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Are You Using Reels? Read This to Get Started!

By now you probably know that reels are important to success on Instagram. If you’ve never created one before, the process might seem daunting. No need to worry! This guide can help you get started and make your first video today! Getting Started Start by finding audio you like!  Often, one of the best ways to do this is to scroll through the Reels tab on Instagram and see what other creators have posted. Take [...]

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How to Be Better at Instagram in 2021

By Sophia De Runtz “We’re no longer a photo-sharing app,” said Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, in a video posted to his personal social media accounts, in June 2021. He spoke about upcoming changes and a new direction Instagram is taking. These changes are now starting to govern the way the app functions.    Instagram was originally born as an app for users to share photos primarily taken on mobile devices. However, with the rise of [...]

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