When selling a home, flowers on the counter or perfect lighting are worth 1,000 words. The way a home is staged gives it personality and helps potential buyers picture themselves creating a life there. Little touches can make the home feel more lived-in and add personality to it. Staging can also help speed along a sale and increase the price the home sells for. 

These are a few of the staging strategies we love!

Showcase Natural Light

Sterling Heights, Lennar

Open up the windows to let in light from the outside. Showing off the brightness of the room can make all the difference. Natural light illuminates the space as well as the furniture, making it feel cheery and cozy. It also can show off the lovely view outside.



Feature Photos, Mementos, or books

Sterling Heights, Lennar

To help potential buyers picture the home being lived-in, it can be beneficial to fill up the shelves with personal items. Bare surfaces like coffee tables don’t have nearly as much appeal as ones that are decorated. Even putting out electronics, such as a laptop, shows off potential workspaces and ways future owners could organize the room. Be sure not to overload the shelves though, as not to make the space appear cluttered.


Make sure all appliances and services are shiny and clean

Avondale, Standard Pacific Homes

The home should appear shiny and new so don’t forget to bring along some sanitizing wipes! A quick once over can erase any smudges or fingerprints that you find on surfaces. Small blemishes can divert attention away from the beauty of the space.



Let in some fresh air

Avondale, Standard Pacific Homes

Try opening doors in rooms that have them to show buyers the options they could have. If doors open to a balcony, patio or other outdoor space, opening them up can also help show that off. This also makes the space feel bigger and more open. Looking at this photo are you imagining a warm breeze blowing through on a spring day?



Turn on lights to brighten up the space

CalAtlantic in San Diego, Calif

We can’t overlook gorgeous details, like light fixtures, and we want to make sure potential buyers don’t either! These stunning fixtures shine even more with the lights on! This is a great way to brighten up a room, especially if it doesn’t already get as much natural light. 



Create a lived-in look by setting the table

CalAtlantic in San Diego, Calif,

Setting the table makes the dining room look much more homey. Don’t forget to pick colors and tableware that compliment the colors of the space, but don’t take attention away from it. 




Add pops of color to brighten the space

Cal Atlantic in San Diego, Calif.

Are you loving these pops of cheerful yellow as much as we are? Small accents like these can enhance the entire mood of the room. Try to tie in colors of the amenities of the room, while also adding a little pizazz. Throw pillows, specifically, are one of our favorite accents because they also make the room feel cozy and comfortable.



Add Seasonal Touches for the Holidays

Calyle in Carlsbad Village, Calif.

Hello holiday cheer! Festive touches are just plain fun and can add a lively touch to any space. They give potential buyers the opportunity to picture themselves preparing to celebrate with loved ones there. They are also perfect for seasonal marketing efforts. Anticipating seasonal needs might mean the home you’re staging goes from Halloween, to Christmas, to Valentine’s Day in a matter of hours, but you’ll be so glad to have the photos when the time comes.