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Getting Your Story into the News

According to Cision’s 2021 Global Comms Report, 42 percent of industry pros said that media outreach was one of the top three priorities for their brand. However, only 25 percent of those pros said they always knew the exact journalists or influencers to pitch their stories to. Getting your story into the right hands and the right publication can be a challenge. Here are our tips for proofing, prepping and pitching your story.   The [...]

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Get Noticed! 5 Stories for Startups

You have bold visions for your young organization and can’t wait to see your company’s name in print. You can make this vision a reality by coming up with story ideas and “pitching” those ideas to journalists. The concept is similar to a funding pitch, but instead of proving ROI, you’re proving that your story idea will be of interest to a particular journalist’s readers. By carving out some time to brainstorm, you can pitch [...]

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WordPop White Paper – How To Create A Media List

You're ready to take the next step in boosting your organization's visibility, but how do you even get started in working with the media? Here are the first few steps to building lasting relationships with media: 1. ID your target publications 2. Refine your list of publications 3. Really get to know the publications and sections 4. ID your journalists 5. Start to form relationships For the full list with how-to's, download our one-sheet: How [...]

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