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Take WordPop’s “Are You Ready For PR?” Survey

Are you interested in working with WordPop Public Relations? Our team has nearly 20 years of combined PR and marketing experience and has been helping champions of happy, healthy and smart living to build and execute social media and PR plans since the firm opened in 2011. WordPop PR has worked with several organizations in the home building, design, startup and professional services sectors, helping them gain exposure through digital, TV and print placements, as [...]

On the Subject of Subject Lines

Ready to add pizzazz to your email subject lines? WordPop recently attended a webinar led by friend of WordPop, Tracy of Tracy Petrucci Marketing and we’re sharing some of her tips and tricks with you! First, some general e-mail marketing tips: Identify the purpose of your email. Do you want readers to read your blog post? Download a PDF? Buy a ticket? 12/22. Minimum of 12pt font for the body of the email and 22pt [...]

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Search Results Help Client/Friend Secure Dream Job

I just received a call from a woman I regularly quote in stories about volunteer work and education in San Diego. She said she just got a "dream job" because her new employer Googled her and was extremely impressed by all of the articles she's in. Pretty awesome, I think! Just goes to show the power of search for people and brands. Are you/is your brand gaining search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing? It [...]

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Facebook Allows Page Contests Without Third Party App

Great news! You can now run contests on your Facebook Page without a third party app. According to the official Facebook announcement, businesses can now: Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post Collect entries by having users message the Page Utilize likes as a voting mechanism Facebook also announced that Pages are prohibited from tagging or asking people to tag themselves in content that they are not depicted in. [...]

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Pop Talk: #Wth are hashtags and how do I use them?

These days, you're probably seeing hashtags (#) all over the internet. Developed as a tracking tool, these little fellas are being used by companies and individual Twitter and Instagram users every day. If used correctly, they allow you to easily track a trending conversation online... and be part of it! In this post, you'll learn 1) what a hashtag is, 2) how to use hashtags when posting content online, and 3) the benefits. 1) What is [...]

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