Ready to add pizzazz to your email subject lines? WordPop recently attended a webinar led by friend of WordPop, Tracy of Tracy Petrucci Marketing and we’re sharing some of her tips and tricks with you!

First, some general e-mail marketing tips:

  • Identify the purpose of your email. Do you want readers to read your blog post? Download a PDF? Buy a ticket?
  • 12/22. Minimum of 12pt font for the body of the email and 22pt minimum for headers and calls to action.
  • Timing is everything. Pick a send time that’s convenient to your readers.

Subject line guidelines:

  • Ideal subject line length: 4-7 words
  • Draft at least three versions of your subject line. You can use A/B testing which sends each subject line to a small percentage of your email list and afterward sends the best performing subject line to the rest of your list.
  • Get them to read it NOW. It’s now, later or never – but you probably know from experience that “later” turns into “never”.
  • 2-2-2 Rule: you have 2 seconds for the reader to be drawn in by the first 2 words of your subject line. Hopefully this prompts them to read the email 2-day.

Tricks to stir the creative juices:

  • Develop a sense of urgency
  • Educate
  • Ask a question
  • Incorporate the word “you”
  • Offer something exclusive to email subscribers
  • Add an air of mystery
  • Chunking: (i.e. Lamps, tables and beds, oh my!)
  • Odd Numbers: (i.e. 5 reasons why, 3 top tips, 7 things to avoid)
  • Make use of literary devices: Onomonopia, allusion, and alliteration are a few good ones. Here’s a comprehensive list.

If you’re getting stuck on headline writing, or any other part of your e-mail campaign management, WordPop welcomes your questions.