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Pop Talk: How the Kobe Bryant Infographic Will Help The Lakers

As of November, Google indexed 25,000 infographics on the web. Currently, approximately 200,000 people are searching the term "infographics" each month. So, what are they? Infographics are visual representations of data and information about something or someone. Here's an example: By looking at this infographic, you can quickly understand Kobe Bryant's NBA success. Fans have been anticipating his 30,000-point mark, and assuming he'd reach it in early December, the Lakers probably had an infographic locked [...]

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Pop Talk: Why Bulgari’s Light-up Snake is a Perfect Example of Content Marketing

Dec. 1, 2012 Today I was told to master content marketing. What does this mean? Simply put, content marketing is sharing information (text, videos, photos) with your customers and potential customers without a direct sales pitch. For instance, if you sell sugar, you might provide a recipe for cookies. If you build cars, you might tell the story of someone who helped build the car, or someone who is enjoying the car today. Exactly 27 [...]

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Google Analytics Adds New Features

By: Alex Hodges, WordPop Public Relations Goggle Analytics has made understanding how internet marketing impacts business a little easier, by measuring when and how individuals interact with websites. This type of information has allowed companies and individuals learn how to market in such a way that will bring people to the information or product they are trying to sell. Just recently, Google Analytics added three new features to its system that will improve the experience [...]

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