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Getting Your Story into the News

According to Cision’s 2021 Global Comms Report, 42 percent of industry pros said that media outreach was one of the top three priorities for their brand. However, only 25 percent of those pros said they always knew the exact journalists or influencers to pitch their stories to. Getting your story into the right hands and the right publication can be a challenge. Here are our tips for proofing, prepping and pitching your story.   The [...]

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“Welcome Home” Case Study: Master-Planned Community Rollout

Client: Brookfield Residential, a developer and builder Objective: Attract the attention of qualified homebuyers and achieve 1,500 interest list sign-ups prior to the grand opening. Timeframe: One year The Plan: We used the builder's primary research (a survey and community meetings) to understand buyer demographics and psychographics. Together, we determined the buyer profile to be families and couples with an interest in technology and nature, located in the North County San Diego communities of San Marcos, Vista, Carlsbad and [...]

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10 More Things We Love About PR

In 2014, we shared 10 things we love about PR. Here are 10 more reasons why we love what we do! Opportunity to write daily. Chance to see our words in print. It never gets old! Change - our days are very rarely repetitive - there's always something new...whether it's a new client, new challenge, or a new approach. Uncovering what's exciting or interesting about a particular project, initiative, concept...and bringing that to light. The [...]

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Get Noticed! 5 Stories for Startups

You have bold visions for your young organization and can’t wait to see your company’s name in print. You can make this vision a reality by coming up with story ideas and “pitching” those ideas to journalists. The concept is similar to a funding pitch, but instead of proving ROI, you’re proving that your story idea will be of interest to a particular journalist’s readers. By carving out some time to brainstorm, you can pitch [...]

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9 Things PR Pros Can Learn from Yoga

Julia here, WordPop's PR consultant. For the past 10+ years, I’ve been a PR pro and yoga practitioner. A few years ago, I added “certified yoga teacher” to my credentials. Balancing between the two sometimes opposing roles of PR practitioner and yogi got me to thinking...what do they have in common? As it turns out, it's a lot! Yoga isn’t just good for strengthening your body - here are 9 PR skills you can strengthen through yoga. [...]

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