In 2014, we shared 10 things we love about PR. Here are 10 more reasons why we love what we do!

  1. Opportunity to write daily.
  2. Chance to see our words in print. It never gets old!
  3. Change – our days are very rarely repetitive – there’s always something new…whether it’s a new client, new challenge, or a new approach.
  4. Uncovering what’s exciting or interesting about a particular project, initiative, concept…and bringing that to light.
  5. The joy of working with some of our favorite people (clients and media) with whom we’ve been collaborating for years.
  6. The excitement of getting to know new personalities – even if it’s just over the phone or email at first.
  7. The perk of snazzy events…whether we’re celebrating a client’s award or milestone.
  8. The ability to work from nearly anywhere – even the side of the road when duty calls. (Thank goodness for living in the time of smart phones and wifi!)
  9. A good excuse to volunteer for with some awesome organizations over the past years – PRSA, San Diego Press Club, National Association of Hispanic Journalists.
  10. Learning loads about industries we might know little about otherwise – from real estate to insurance to startups.