We know you’re skilled when it comes to math and design, but do you also enjoy turning a careful phrase? If you’re jonesin’ to put pen to paper and draft not a blueprint but a newsworthy story that will help you connect with potential clients in a new way, here are some thought-joggers to get you going on the journey!

  1. The famous architect’s birthday story. Who are the godfathers and godmothers of architecture in your eyes? A story opportunity arises each year on your favorite architect’s birthday, a day to reflect back on his or her work and showcase current designs that reflect that architect.
  2. The history of architecture story. This is an opportunity to show how architecture has evolved and highlight what’s trending in the industry today, whether that’s a technological innovation or a new building material.
  3. The historic building story. A renovation and reimagining of an historic space is intriguing when you can highlight why a building is suited for a specific purpose at a particular time and how modifications and retrofits prepare it for its new purpose.
  4. The pop culture story. This “roundup-style” story could head in a number of directions. If it’s timed to the Super Bowl, it could be a roundup of stadium architecture. If it’s around Halloween, it could be a Gothic-style architecture roundup. The tricky aspect of pulling off this type of article is making sure your organization doesn’t get dropped from the story. You need to tie the theme into a project you have going on currently. Think about how your firm’s designs are inspired: the colors, materials, lines, techniques, etc.
  5. The data-based story. What’s the latest buzz in your industry and how can you make industry-relevant data newsworthy to a wider swath of the public? Identify the facts, then spell out how the facts are relevant to your key publication’s readers. Pull in an expert outside of the architecture discipline – maybe a financial expert or psychologist would be relevant to the story and would broaden the story’s audience.
  6. The listicle. You’re reading a listicle right now. This list/article hybrid story is particularly successful online because it’s a quick read that’s easy to digest. Examples: 5 trends in building materials, 3 questions to ask your architect before you hire him, 6 tips for landing the job of your dreams at an architecture firm…you get the idea.

Spend some time thinking about who you want to reach with your stories, and then identify the publications those people are reading. If you are ready to tell your stories and boost your credibility with the help of PR, then book a no-cost strategy phone call with WordPop founder April Enriquez.