Pinterest needs a “dit it” button for 1) us social media showoffs enthusiasts who’ve completed a project and 2) brand-impact tracking.  Here’s why.

1) Demonstrating Project Completion

This Easter, I become a legitimate Pinner. In one day, I crafted not one, but two items I had previously pinned on Pinterest. These Easter projects marked my thirteenth and fourteenth completed Pinterest projects. I’ve really graduated from a pinner to a doer. Ha!

Feeling accomplished, I went back to the site wishing there were a “did it” button. Since there isn’t one, I resorted to posting my creations on Facebook instead. Meh…not the same.

2) Brand-Impact Tracking

While on a conference call with homebuilder client Brookfield Homes San Diego today, we discussed the popularity of their “Color Scheme” board. We know there’s been a fair amount of repins and likes, but we’re curious if people are actually using these color inspirations in their homes. Of course the objective is brand awareness, not paint sales, but it’d still be great if there were a “did it” button so we could better track the impact of the board.

What it would look like:

There would be an option to click “did it” on photos that you’ve pinned. Whether you’ve completed a workout routine or painted your kitchen, these “did it” photos would auto-populate a new board, “Completed Projects.”

In the meantime, I’ve created my own “Completed Projects” board, but I manually populate it.

I also just emailed Pinterest. Fingers crossed!