Are you ready for the glitz and grandeur of awards season?
Before the glamour of awards galas comes choosing award entries, compiling photography, drafting content and presenting your award application to judges. WordPop has been through many cycles of awards seasons and we want to help you prepare and polish your entry!
Five tips for entries that shine:
1. Follow all instructions.
2. Label everything carefully.
3. Ask how judges will view your material (on an overhead, in a group, on a computer, in a printed packet, etc.).
4. Keep things clear and concise (imagine you’re a judge with stacks of entries to review).
5. Determine the length of the application and whether your team has the bandwidth. If the answer is “no,” create a system to collect information throughout the year and bolster weak areas of your application so you’re ready to apply for the following year.
How will the awards process help you?
1. Boost your credibility – even as a finalist.
2. Distinguish you from your competition.
3. Boost your organization’s spirits.
4. Allow you to network with fellow honorees.
5. Forces you to take a closer look at what makes you qualified for an award and identify areas for improvement.
WordPop has not only helped clients win awards such as SDDT’s Top 40 Under 40, PCBC’s Gold Nugget Community of the Year, and SDBJ’s Business Women of the Year, but has also secured its own awards, including 2015 and 2017 San Diego Press Club Excellence in Journalism awards. If you need an extra hand throughout the application process including writing or editing content, please don’t hesitate to contact April.