By: Alex Hodges, WordPop Public Relations

Goggle Analytics has made understanding how internet marketing impacts business a little easier, by measuring when and how individuals interact with websites. This type of information has allowed companies and individuals learn how to market in such a way that will bring people to the information or product they are trying to sell.

Just recently, Google Analytics added three new features to its system that will improve the experience of reviewing how and when people visit websites; Real-Time Data, Shortcut Reports and Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API.

Real-Time Data

In the past, Google Analytics could only show the information from previous days– at least 24 hours had to have passed before Google could compile information about traffic on a website. With Real-Time Data, a Google Analytics user can watch the traffic on their site as it’s happening. This can be extremely helpful when trying to understand how time-sensitive campaigns attract individuals to a site.

Shortcut Reports

This new feature allows users to retrieve information from Google Analytics faster and easier. Previous to this feature, if a user wanted to see information in a certain way, they would have to do the “find report, add segment, change, sort” routine every time. With a shortcut, you can save the change made and come back to it with a single click.

Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API

Last fall, Google Analytics added the Multi-Channel Funnels to help shed light on the full path or “conversion” a person went through to reach a certain site or page on a site, rather than just the last click. This feature helped show where an individual started, shedding light on the success of certain campaigns or ads on other sites. The API feature allows users to ask questions about the conversions, like where the individual started their internet journey to that site, how long it took them to get there, and even how long they stayed on the site. This information can help businesses understand how their ads are working for them, and whether or not these ads are really capturing your attention, or just getting people to click on a link.