7 story ideas for wellness professionalsWe love our job because we get to promote the causes of professionals in the wellness space – from doctors to medical devices to athletes. If you’re an expert in some facet of the red-hot wellness space, there’s an opportunity for you to see your name in ink! Read below for ideas and let the brainstorm begin.

  1. The food/nutrition story. Whether you’re a doctor or a triathlete, food and nutrition is part of your realm. Things you’d never eat, things you eat every day, tips for dining out, five key nutrients you might be neglecting, your favorite nutritious dinner recipes, your favorite recipes before a long run, food prep tips, the list goes on. This is a shining moment for anyone wanting to talk about nutrition. Media outlets and their readers especially want to hear from someone aspirational like an athlete, or a doctor who lends credibility.
  2. The trend story. This can apply to any wellness professional, no matter which facet of the industry they fall in. If you’re a doctor, are you seeing a rise in a particular malady? If you’re a fitness expert, is there any concerning or uplifting trend you’ve noticed?
  3. The “top five questions” story. What are the most common five questions you’re asked in your profession?
  4. The timely story. What cycles do you see in your industry? Is there an extra-busy time of year? For example, a doctor might write an article about how to gear up for flu season. A yoga instructor might write about six ways to participate in International Day of Yoga. A medical device organization might create a story about a disease the device was created to treat, timed to that disease’s awareness day.
  5. The explainer story. In the world of medicine, this could be a layman’s explanation of an ailment and how to prevent it. In the world of athletics, it could be about how to train for your first half marathon or how to tune your bike in preparation for race day.
  6. The technology story. How has technology influenced your industry over the past few years? Does it make it easier for patients to access medication? For doctors to share medical histories? For runners to monitor their calorie intake and sleep? No matter the impact, be sure to explain why readers should care.
  7. The data-inspired story. Has your company or a reputable organization in your space released compelling research recently? This is an opportunity for your organization to join the conversation and bring some context to the data.

Hopefully your mind is churning with ideas now. If you need help actually writing the thing, we’re happy to help! We can also help you identify outlets and journalists who might be interested in running your story.

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