If you’re a home builder, here are six ways to get yourself noticed by reporters who cover real estate.

  1. The numbers story. Are you building the most expensive or most affordable apartments in a specific location? Did you have record-breaking sales this quarter? Did you sell out a development in record time? Are you doing something to help buyers shop wise or save money?
  2. The trend story. Have you noticed that buyers are constantly asking for a three-car garage or that they’re more price conscious than they’ve been in the past? Has a new study been published that’s consistent with what you’re seeing? If you’ve noticed a solid trend, it makes the journalist’s job easier.
  3. The time-of-year story. Can you come up with a story around a particular season, like “Why spring is the best time of year to sell your home”? Can you come up with a story tied to a local or national holiday, like National Trails Day? This story might require you to team up with fellow industry pros, like your interior designer or architect, to fully illustrate the concept.
  4. The design story. What design trends are you featuring in new model homes or custom homes this year? These could be overall trends or they could be specific to a room or activity, such as a homework center or outdoor living space.
  5. The technology story. Are you using advanced technology in the home building process? Is your sales team using a unique technology to make the home buying experience easier for consumers?
  6. The extraordinary story. Is your organization doing something truly unique – well above and beyond your competitors? Maybe it’s an ambitious philanthropic endeavor or an outrageously creative or surprising sales event.

Keep in mind that not each of these stories will work with all real estate writers. The best way to determine what a journalist might cover is by looking them up and reading what they’ve been writing. This might even spark further ideas! If you need help crafting that perfect pitch or all-important subject that will get your email opened, we’d be happy to help!