Do you need help with social media, but are worried that the agency you hire won’t capture your authentic voice? Do you wonder how you can maintain a consistent voice and visual appearance when someone else is creating your content?? How do you make sure information is accurate when you’re working with someone who is not a subject matter expert in your industry? 

We understand this concern, which is why our WordPop Public Relations team has developed and launched a do-it-with-you social media plan. Our process usually involves one or both of these tools: our Social Media Master Plan and our Social Media Brand Guidelines Template.

Our Social Media Master Plan is a tool for organizing content pillars and brainstorming caption ideas and materials. 

  • We begin by clarifying who our client is talking to and the topics they want to focus on.
  • Next, we start writing prompts for our client to answer. This allows us to gather information needed in an organized and efficient manner. Generally these are subject matter and/or personal questions – and they are a good way to help us pick our client’s brain about what they can offer their audience. 
  • Their responses can sometimes be used word-for-word as a caption, but often we will adjust them for clarity and add calls to action.
  • Then, we get  approval before posting. OR, we hand over the ready-to-post content to the client.

On the visual side of social media we also use our Social Media Brand Guidelines Template to ensure visual consistency throughout their feed on all platforms. We break these elements down into:

  • Tone: The way you speak to an audience, specific verbiage and words you don’t want to use.
  • Photos: What should the pictures and video you choose look like? Where are they being sourced?
  • Color Preferences: Specific Hex numbers and samples.
  • Font Preferences: Multiple fonts that you can use for graphics.
  • Samples: We create a sample post for each content pillar so there are examples to follow.
  • Hashtags: Popular and growing hashtags to use with different kinds of content.

We find that involving clients in content creation in this way can be very beneficial. When capturing the essence of an organization or brand online it can be very helpful to obtain information directly from the best source. When information is organized in this way it also makes it easier to collaborate and have multiple people working on a project. Or if you ever need to hand it off to someone else they will know exactly how to maintain consistency.

Don’t forget you can download our Brand Guidelines Template for FREE here.