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Social media expert Brian Solis argues that as a result of the global shift to social networking, businesses have been forced to learn about their customers and customer behavior more than ever before. Businesses can no longer assume that their customer will be satisfied with receiving information about their business through television commercials or ads in newspapers and magazines. Further, businesses can’t even expect that by persuading a customer to ‘Like’ their page on Facebook, they’ve created a new and loyal customer. What companies can expect, however, is a customer who is expecting to have information put on display for them when they are ready to make a decision about spending money.

What does this mean?

Identify your customer and how they may be interacting with your brand.

Solis puts customers into three categories:

•Traditional Customer- one who continues to rely upon ads and commercials

•Digital Customer- one who seeks out information online and uses review websites to compare companies and products, but won’t use a social media platform to seek out information

•Connected Customer- one who connects their real life experiences with their online lives, through Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and other platforms and applications.

Solis points out that companies need to make sure that they understand what each of these groups looks like, how they work, and what it will take to create loyalty from them as customers. Without understanding your customer, marketing won’t do much for your company.

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