Have you noticed that Facebook is suggesting new products–apps, online clothing stores, beer labels, etc. — that you’re not connected to?

Companies on Facebook can now purchase paid ads called “Suggested Posts.” These posts appear in your News Feed, even if you have no connection to the company. Previously, you only received ads in your News Feed that were from Pages you liked, or Pages your friends liked.

Currently, “Suggested Posts” aren’t available to all companies on Facebook. However, if you’re in charge of a company Facebook Page, it’s a good time to understand the tool and determine whether or not your company can benefit from it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

• Bigger audience
• Opportunity to reach people that have never heard of you brand
• Opportunity to gain new likes

• More ads = more annoying experience for users
• You’re competing with more ads than before
• There is no third-party endorsement from a “friend that likes this page”

Okay. You’ve considered the pros and cons and you’re still ready to give it a try. Here are best practices for your first “Suggested Post.”

• Be targeted. When setting up the campaign, carefully consider who you’d like to reach on Facebook, and how that targeted group may respond to your ad. Remember, this is different from a banner ad or right-hand-column ad because you’re allowing your audience to react by commenting on the ad.

• Be prepared to deal with feedback. Users can comment on posts, and now that you’re talking to users that haven’t “liked” your page, you never know what types of comments they’ll leave under the post. Monitor closely and be prepared to respond to both positive and negative posts in a timely manner.

Good luck!