As social media evolves, so does the lingo. If you’re new to social media or just need a refresher, check out this list of commonly used social media terms.


Pin: To pin something is to place it on one of your boards. When a user pins something, it also populates the feed of their followers. To re-pin is to pin something again, after a friend has pinned it.

Board: Users create different boards for different interests– for example: Home Decor, Wedding Cakes, Recipes, etc. Boards are displayed on the profile page of each user. They function similar to a cork board, but digitally.

Like: Users can “like” a post without pinning it to one of their boards. By liking a post, the image will still populate the feed of their followers.


Like: To “like” something on Facebook, the user must literally press the “like” button associated with the item they’d like to endorse. Evidence will appear on the user’s profile and on the item they endorsed.

Profile: People have profiles. These are friend pages.

Page: Organizations/companies have pages. A user must “like” a page to interact with it, whereas a user would submit or accept a friend request to interact with a profile.

News Feed: The default landing page when a user logs into Facebook on a desktop or laptop. It is a list of updates from friends and pages the user likes.  Facebook-sponsored stories may also appear in the News Feed.


Tweet: A 140-character statement shared on Twitter. To re-tweet is to repost a tweet originally written by somebody else.

Tweeps: Twitter people. People using Twitter.


+1: To endorse or “like” something, Google stlye. It will appear on the user’s Google+ profile, on the item that they +1’d, and in Google search results.


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