As shared by AdAge, Justin Timberlake and his ad network, including brand and digital-development agency JosephMark, are giving Myspace a sleek new design (as pictured). I think J.T. is “bringing sexy back,” but will that grow the site’s audience?

The site, which will soon resemble Pinterest, and Beyonce’s Tumblr page, is a far cry from what I remember of my early-2000’s profile. It won’t be enough to make me an active user, however, unless all of my friends join the movement (I’m still waiting for them to use Google+…). Plus the growing popularity of Spotify makes it easy to discover new music, and follow the music selections of your friends¬†(something Myspace is also good at) without dedicating time to the maintenance of another profile.

The big question– what’s enough?

What’s enough for Myspace? Its 25 million users (Facebook has more than 950 million users and Pinterest has more than 12 million users)? Is the site trying to grow its audience or keep the users it has?

What’s enough for users? Personally, my Facebook profile (what I’ll call an integrated profile), plus my Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Spotify profiles (what I’ll call single-use profiles) are enough. Adding another integrated profile– calling for updates, photos, playlists and more– would be too much. That’s why maintaining Google+, or adding Myspace doesn’t sound too fun. Plus, few in my network are there.

Despite this, take a look at Myspace’s new design (the soundtrack is great).