Get Press Ready Packages

For startups that want to nail their messaging and understand PR before hiring an agency.

Stop Google-ing “how to write a press release” and instead get your startup press ready! If you’re an early-stage startup, we can help you:




Here’s How

Get Press Ready

  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
    We will obtain materials from you, such as company milestones, FAQs, testimonials, photos, etc. and organize them into one handy file that you can share with the press, influencers and future partners. We will draft any key missing documents such as FAQs. We will format these documents into a beautiful PDF that reflects your brand colors and brand voice.

Get Press Ready Plus

  • Everything in the Get Press Ready package, and:
  • Clear Executive Bios
    We will provide up to two (2) professional bios for company executives that can be used in your electronic press kit, on Linkedin, in investor pitch decks and more.
  • Press Release Template
    We will create for your company a customized press release template and boilerplate that can be used as a guide moving forward. In addition, we will explain to you what types of press release distribution plans to consider in the future.

Get Press Ready All

  • Everything in the Get Press Ready Plus package, and:
  • Pitch Template
    We will create a customized pitch template that can be used as a guide moving forward.
  • Media List
    We will build a customized media list focused on your industry and desired publications. This includes researching up to 12 publications/podcasts/influencers and the appropriate contacts at each outlet.
  • Social Media Mood Board
    We will create a social media mood board to guide your vibe. Bonus: we’ll provide a bio for each of your social media profiles inspired by your Company Message.
  • Gather Customer Testimonials
    Powerful stories of your customer’s transformation are critical if you want to create raving fans. We’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask your top clients in order to capture these stories of transformation, and we’ll present them in a way that is clear, compelling and enticing to potential customers.
  • Bonus: Editorial Calendar Template
    We will provide you with an editorial calendar template and show you how to plan your content for the upcoming year.

We’re ready to help!

A dozen years of experience in public relations – plus six years of experience working with startups – will guide our creation and execution of your “Get Press Ready” package. To date, our founder April has partnered with business accelerators to teach more than 250 female founders about PR.

What Clients Say

Thank you, as always to the amazing leadership of April Enriquez, founder of WordPop Public Relations, who always thinks about all the ways we can highlight our alumni, women business owners and female startup founders. A true ROCKSTAR and creative stellar PR professional.


April Enriquez, owner of Word Pop Public Relations, is brilliantly creative and collaborative. It is difficult to find the right words to tell your story and frame your content. April, can step into to any project and provide unqiue clarity. As our company pivoted to virtual events she helped develop a key theme that brought high value to our event and client.


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