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As a Storybrand Certified Guide and public relations veteran, our founder April Enriquez will guide the creation and execution of your marketing plan, which will only include what your company truly needs to be found, trusted and chosen. Take a look.

Brand Messaging Packages

(One-Time Fee)

Brand Messaging

  • A Clear Company Message
    Make sure the message your brand is communicating is clear and compelling.
  • A Captivating One-Liner
    A distilled version of your Company Message, a One-Liner is the most compelling way to answer the question, “What do you do?” Your team will repeat it time and time again.

Brand Messaging Plus

  • Everything in the Brand Messaging package, and:
  • An Effective Tagline
    Free of jargon, your effective tagline will help customers instantly understand how you can benefit them. This golden sentence will show the primary value of your brand.
  • A Website Home Page That Converts
    Using your clear company message, we will walk you through each section that should appear on your website home page to make sure your site is helping, not hurting your business.

Brand Messaging All

  • Everything in the Brand Messaging Plus package, and:
  • Up to Four Interior Website Pages
    To complement your effective new home page, we will write copy for – and lay out – up to four interior pages, such as your About, Services, Blog and Case Studies.
  • A Lead-Generating PDF
    Before customers commit to a purchase, they want to get to know you. We will create an enticing piece of content such as a guide or checklist, that your customer can download in exchange for providing their email address.
  • Four Email Newsletters
    Now that you’ve captured email addresses, what will you send your clients? We will create an email sequence for you.
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Get Press Ready Packages

(One-Time Fee)

Get Press Ready

  • Electronic Press Kit (EPK)
    We will obtain materials from you, such as company milestones, FAQs, testimonials, photos, etc. and organize them into one handy file that you can share with the press, influencers and future partners. We will draft any key missing documents such as FAQs. We will format these documents into a beautiful PDF that reflects your brand colors and brand voice.

Get Press Ready Plus

  • Everything in the Get Press Ready package, and:
  • Clear Executive Bios
    We will provide up to two (2) professional bios for company executives that can be used in your electronic press kit, on Linkedin, in investor pitch decks and more.
  • Press Release Template
    We will create for your company a customized press release template and boilerplate that can be used as a guide moving forward. In addition, we will explain to you what types of press release distribution plans to consider in the future.

Get Press Ready All

  • Everything in the Get Press Ready Plus package, and:
  • Pitch Template
    We will create a customized pitch template that can be used as a guide moving forward.
  • Media List
    We will build a customized media list focused on your industry and desired publications. This includes researching up to 12 publications/podcasts/influencers and the appropriate contacts at each outlet.
  • Social Media Mood Board
    We will create a social media mood board to guide your vibe. Bonus: we’ll provide a bio for each of your social media profiles inspired by your Company Message.
  • Gather Customer Testimonials
    Powerful stories of your customer’s transformation are critical if you want to create raving fans. We’ll walk you through the questions you need to ask your top clients in order to capture these stories of transformation, and we’ll present them in a way that is clear, compelling and enticing to potential customers.
  • Bonus: Editorial Calendar Template
    We will provide you with an editorial calendar template and show you how to plan your content for the upcoming year.
Get Started with a Press Ready Package

Ongoing Monthly Support Packages are offered on a limited basis.

Don’t miss your chance to build the perfect plan that will help customers find you, trust you and choose you!

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